Rhino Boat Covers - Custom Boat Covers made by professionals

Rhino Boat Covers, boat canopies, dodgers, awnings, boom covers
Marine Covers and Canopies
Sails and Sail handling systems
Industrial and Domestic textile solutions

At Rhino Covers our core business is to custom design and manufacture boat covers and canopies to suit your power boat or yacht.

Our knowledge and experience is often sought after to manufacture custom canvas and textile products for Industrial and domestic applications.

New Logo being applied to Rhino Covers Mobile Marine trimming truckCompleted Marine Covers By Rhino Covers
We are now able to offer Sails 
Very competitive prices, our extensive technical knowledge will guarantee you get the best product for your needs.

We have recently joined forces with selected sail lofts.
As well as being able to offer sail expertise and advice, we can now offer our sailing customers high quality sails.

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